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Contest: Free E-Book Copy of Beyond The Horizon by Wanda Kay Fittro


Enter with the raffle copter:
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Prize is one e-book in your choice of format!

After you enter go check out the five star reviews on for Wanda Kay Fittro’s novel and see why people are loving it so much!

Congratulations Dawn Brower! Thank you to everyone who entered. Keep watching for more great giveaways!


Name Game

I am trying to name my WIP and need your help. Please consider taking the quick poll at the bottom of this page to help me choose a title.

This is the blurb:

Amelia is devastated after her father’s death. As a young Lady in England she can’t make any decisions on her own until she reaches her majority. England holds a special place in her heart and she doesn’t want to leave it, yet her Uncle as her new guardian is ordering her to. He agrees to give her four weeks to settle her affairs and then she must board a ship bound for America.
Not wanting to easily give on a life in England Amelia devises a scandalous plan to stay in the only home she has ever known. Despite the fact that she must remain in mourning she decides marrying an English peer is her only option. In order to make it work she must trap him forcing a quick wedding.
Amelia meets Lord Goldstone, a Scottish Duke, who thwarts her carefully laid plans. Sparks fly as the two of them find themselves at odds with each other. Can they find a way to stop arguing long enough to explore their growing passion before Amelia must board a ship bound for America?


I have reached ten! If you received an e-mail response from me then you got in. Thank you all so much for participating. That was fun! For those of you who made it, I will send your edited chapters back by July 29th. For those of you who did not quite get in, follow my blog so that you do not miss out next time. I plan to do this at least once every other month-maybe more often!



send those first chapters to

2,500 word limit

preferably in a word attachment

I will post stop when I recieve ten

I have five in so far

Seven in, there is room for three more!

Tomorrow is the Day!

images pen

Tomorrow around noon eastern time I will post “go” signaling you to send your first chapters.

Things to remember
Send them to
Include a short synopsis
Send your first chapter up to 2,500 words
After I receive ten e-mails I will post “stop”

My goal is to have all of them edited and returned no latter then July 29th. I will go through them in the order they are received.
I am looking forward to reading your masterpieces and helping you to polish them.
Have a great night!

What is Passive Voice and Why Should I Avoid it?

Passive voice is a rather big no-no in the fiction world. I have often seen manuscripts rejected or revise and resubmit letters sent because of passive voice.
So what is passive voice?
Passive voice is when the subject is not active. Instead, the action is being done to the subject.
Here is an example:
Passive-The pancake was eaten by her
Active-She ate the pancake
Notice how in the active sentence “she” is the doer of the action.
An active sentence is structured like this: (Thing/person doing the action)+(verb)+(thing receiving the action).
When a sentence is in the passive voice, it makes the thing receiving the action more important than the person doing the action. In fiction writing, this takes the emphasis off of your characters, and you do not want that.
For example: The vacuuming was done by Annie.
The vacuuming has become more important than the character, Annie. The problem is that the vacuuming is not important to the overall story, Annie is. The sentence should be in an active voice: Annie completed the vacuuming.
Here is a link that shows you how to check for passive voice in MS Word:
Here is a list of lazy verbs that often lead to passive voice:
Be, being, been, am, is, are, was, were, been, has, have, had, do, did, does, can, could, shall, should, will,
Would, might, must, may
Using these verbs is not wrong, and they do not always lead to passive voice. However, you do want to be careful and limit your use of them. Eliminating passive voice from your manuscript will increase your odds of receiving an acceptance letter.

Free First Chapter Critique and Content Edit from a Professional

The main reason I started this blog is to help authors. To that end I have decided occasionally to offer free-no strings attached-critiques and edits for that all important first chapter. Because I am human, and have editing responsibilities at Lyrical and Breathless Press’s I have to limit the number of free critiques. I have decided to do ten per session offered.
Here’s how it will work:
I will post the date on my blog telling readers when I will be doing critiques about a week ahead of time. (The first one will be Tuesday July 22nd).
1. I will post an invitation to send in your first chapter around noon that day.
2. Once I receive ten, I will post that I am closed.
3. I will content edit the chapters and provide some feedback.
The rules, because everything needs rules:
 Once you see the invitation e-mail your first chapter to
 Include your name, genre, email address and a short synopsis.
 Chapter not to exceed 2,500 words.
 One chapter per writer/author, please.
I am excited about offering this and can hardly wait to see what kind of response I get on July 22nd. I hope that you are excited too!