Plotting with Ishabelle Torry


I’m honored to have the very talented Ishabelle Torry on my blog today discussing plotting and giving us a peak at her new release To Wish Upon a Roman.

Coming Up with a Plot

I’m often asked how I come up with a plot, especially a paranormal plot that interlaces with modern times as seen in my latest novella To Wish Upon a Roman. Like seriously? What made me think about an Average Modern Jane meeting an ancient hunky Roman nearly two millennia old? And I always reply “mythology!”

Mythology is a wonderful introduction to early man’s beliefs, superstitions, fears, and even social behavior. Plus, it’s just really freaking cool! I mean come on, three headed dogs, glamourous gods, and heroes galore! Really, nothing beats a good ol’ tale of the past. The ancient peoples really knew how to weave an adventure, tragedy, moral lesson, and love story, often all in one epic account. This uberness has fascinated me throughout my life, and guided me in the direction to write Hadrian and Lucy’s story. And thanks to Breathless Press, my wonderful editor Kristen, and the amazing cover artist Victoria, their tale can be shared!

When Lucy received the locket from the estate of her aunt, it came with a warning to never speak his name…but where’s the fun in that?

Trapped for seventeen hundred years, General Hadrian Marias awaits his release from a crystal prison and a chance to find the reincarnated soul of his wife, Lucia. Instead, upon being summoned into the modern world, he finds Lucy—the descendant of Genevieve, the Celtic witch responsible for his entrapment. Everything he knows about Lucy stems from his experience with Genevieve, but he soon discovers the only thing Lucy shares with her ancient ancestor is an uncanny resemblance. He quickly finds himself drawn to the feisty vixen. But can he ever forgive himself for losing Lucia of the past, and move forward with Lucy?

Lucy Brady was devastated to receive word of her aunt’s death. Her only joy, a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Inside the golden locket hides a crystal containing the essence of Hadrian. Even though warned to never say his name, she chalks it up to superstition and inadvertently summons an ancient Roman general who demands his freedom from her tyrannical bloodline. Deeming the general’s appearance a prank, Lucy agrees to grant his freedom—in lieu of sex for a fortnight. Will the next fortnight of passion be enough to keep Hadrian at Lucy’s side? Or will he choose absolute freedom from her bloodline?

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Thank you for stopping by Ishabelle Torry! It was a pleasure having you on my blog.


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