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Game of Graces

GracesWhen I was writing Scandalous Redemption I wanted to include a garden party game for my ladies to play. I did what authors do and set out to research games that were popular in the time period.

My research led me to the game of Graces. It was considered an appropriate game for ladies in the 1800’s and was thought to benefit ladies by making them more graceful.

In the game of graces each player would get two sticks. They would use the sticks to catch and toss a ring that had been wrapped in ribbon. The ring was launched by crossing ones sticks then pulling them apart to toss the ring.

Graces is a two player game that was rarely played by boys. When a boy did join in it was to play with a girl. Two boys never played graces together.

In Scandalous Redemption my characters Duchess Abernathy and Lady Akford play graces at a picnic that takes place during a house party. Here is a peek:

“Pay them no mind, dear.” Duchess Abernathy strolled up beside her. “I would bet half of them have their own scandals to hide, and the other half wishes they did. Let us engage in that game of graces we discussed and leave the ugliness behind?”

Claudia looked back at the group of gossiping ladies. Perhaps the duchess was correct, though she doubted it. Regardless, she reaped no benefit from allowing them to upset her. “I should like that.”

“Splendid.” The duchess nodded at an area of the lawn where the game of graces was set up before moving toward it. Sticks and hoops lay against the soft green grass.

“I have not played since before I married. Hopefully I am still a capable companion.” Claudia picked up her sticks in preparation.

The duchess launched a ring with colorful ribbon tied to it and laughed when it landed at her feet. “I fear your skills will not matter as I am out of practice myself. I may never get a ring to reach your sticks.”

Before long, Claudia was merrily catching and launching the hoops back and forth with the duchess. She reveled in the exercise and good cheer they shared. The duchess proved to be a worthy adversary, and Claudia quickly regained her skill too. She chatted and laughed with the duchess as they played, feeling normal for the first time in years. Almost as though she fit in among the ton as she once had.

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