Musings from Amanda Mariel

me 015I have been hearing and reading a lot about Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program lately, and I have to speak my piece because I feel KU/Amazon is getting a bad reputation due to miss information.

I am not saying the KU system is without flaws, but it is not as bad as some make it out to be. In fact it has several benefits for both readers and authors.

Twice in the past week I have heard people say that authors do not make money from KU, or some variation of the same thing. That is simply not true! If we made no money in KU, we would not put our books there. No one forces an author to participate in the program-we participate willingly.

Perhaps KU is not a good fit for all authors, but for me and several others I know it is a great fit. I love that my books are available to readers who may not be able to afford to outright buy them, or who want to test drive my work before purchasing it. I believe KU is an affordable alternative for readers on a budget who crave the written word.

I cannot imagine taking my books out of KU and it saddens me to think that some readers feel guilty for being in the program. The way I look at it, KU is a library for digital books. Much like a physical library. However, if anyone went into my local library, or any other physical library that carries my books, and barrowed them I would not make any money. On the contrary, when someone barrows my books in KU, I do make money. So it is a library that pays me.

Yes, there are scammers on KU and that makes me sad, but I trust that Amazon is taking steps to catch those bad apples. And if you as a reader want to help do something about the scammers there are steps you can take. First and foremost-do not click links at the start of a book that look fishy such as the click here to enter X type links. Second, if you barrow a book and find that it is not a real book with a true storyline-report it to Amazon.

In the mean time, I encourage readers to barrow my books and the other wonderful quality books that are in KU. Rest assured that you are not harming the authors by barrowing and reading their books in KU. Thank you for listening to me ramble 🙂


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