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Happy New Year everyone! I am offering an eBook copy of Scandalous Intentions book 2 in my Ladies and Scoundrels series. Read on to discover more about Scandalous Intentions and how to enter the giveaway.

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When faced with losing his father’s support, notorious rake Lord Julian Luvington sets his sights on Lady Sarah. She is as respectable as they come, just what his father ordered. But the lady shall not be easily won.

Lady Sarah Roseington is determined to marry for love or not at all, and she will do anything to obtain the freedom granted to men. A blackguard like Lord Luvington could destroy her hard-won reputation, but marriage to him also offers her the opportunities she cannot achieve on her own. What’s a lady to do?

When Lord Luvington refuses to abandon his pursuit, Lady Sarah proposes an arrangement. Only the price may be more than either bargained for. Lady Sarah could lose more than her social standing and Julian could lose his heart.



She pushed out a sigh as Lord Luvington lead her toward a stone bench nestled among the lush green hedge.

“Shall we sit for a moment? I wish to explain.” He pressed his arm against her hand then loosened it again.

She looked away. “Very well. Though I cannot imagine what you might say to change things.” She hesitated for a moment, reluctant to release her grip on him before she lowered herself onto the bench. The stone’s cool exterior seeped through her skirts, a welcome contrast to the warmth radiating through her. She rested one hand on her lap and waved her fan with the other.

Lord Luvington positioned himself on the bench a smidgen closer than was proper, angling himself so he faced her. The fresh spring scents of foliage and flowers took on a heady intensity as she stared fixedly at the hedge in front of her. Her face flamed though she could not credit it to the heat of the atmosphere.

She needed to take control of the situation before it swept her away. “Speak your piece and be done with it. I do not wish to linger over long.” He flashed a toe-curling grin just before she glanced away.

“What I said in the park was the truth. Is the truth. But there is more to it than just my need of a respectable wife.”

“Do tell.” She lowered her fan to her lap, its ribbons trailing in the breeze.

“I have come to care for you, admire you, even. You are a fascinating and attractive woman.”

She plucked at her satin skirts as the heat climbed back into her face.

“It is true that I will no longer receive my stipend if I fail to secure a proper society wife. It is the very reason I began looking for one. I shall not deny it, but nor is it the reason I continue to pursue you.” He reached up and brushed a curl that had escaped her bonnet away from her cheek.

His fingers left a tingling trail in their wake, and something inside her began to crumble. She glanced down at the path they had just walked.

“I would like the chance to make this right. Allow me to court you, Lady Sarah. Let us discover if there might be something real between us.”

She glanced at him, unsure how to respond. Her mind screamed no, but her heart and soul begged for him. She wanted to reach out and run her hand across his strong jaw, feel his lips pressed against hers, discover what it felt like to be in his arms.

“Spend the rest of the party in my company, Lady Sarah. Grant me one afternoon to change your mind.”

A wave of tingles ran down her and congregated in her abdomen at his smile. This was dangerous, and she knew it. And yet…

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Bestselling author Amanda Mariel dreams of days gone by when life moved at a slower pace. She enjoys taking pen to paper and exploring historical time periods through her imagination and the written word. When she is not writing she can be found reading, crocheting, traveling, practicing her photography skills, or spending time with her family.

Amanda lives along the Lake Huron shoreline in northern Michigan with her husband and two kids. She holds a Master of Liberal Arts Degree with a concentration in literature and has a long-standing love affair with sugary junk food.





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How to enter to win an eBook copy of Scandalous Intentions:

Simply leave a comment on this post answering the following question: If you could spend one day in Victorian England how would you choose to spend it?

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39 thoughts on “Secret Realm New Year Blog Hop

  1. Hello Amanda,
    I’d spend the day strolling in the beautiful gardens followed by a nice ride on horseback – and to shock everyone, I wouldn’t ride sidesaddle and I would wear men’s clothing. How’s that?
    Please, don’t count me in for the draw as I have your book. 🙂

  2. Carriage ride in the late morning, picnic lunch at Vauxhaul Gardens, take afternoon tea, attend a concert in the evening.

  3. Thanks, Amanda. No need to enter me, but I just have to answer your question.

    I’d time my visit so that I can go to the Crystal Palace at the Great Exhibition of 1851 to see all the wonders there. And thoroughly examine the building, which was probably the greatest wonder of all.

    I’d also want to call upon my fave historical figures from this time. But that can’t be done in just one day!

    Good luck!

  4. That is a hard question, I would either want to go to a tea party. Or a ball. The ball sounds amazing and like a dream…

  5. I would probably do all the tourist things, see the tower of London, Buckingham palace, and stroll through Hyde Park.

  6. Hi Amanda 😊

    If I Had A Day In Victorian England ~ I Would Like Spend Time With My Handsome & Hunky Beau ~ First We Would Take A Long Afternoon Stroll Through Hyde Park, And Then Head Home For Dinner.
    After Dinner, We Might Head Down To The Stables And Head Out For An Early Evening Ride.
    Then We Would Come Back & Sit In Front Of A Nice Warm Fireplace And Talk About Our Day.
    Hopefully My Time In Victorian England Includes A Nice Long Night Also ~ Because My Beau & I Will Have A Grand Time Pursuing LOTS Of Fun “Evening-Time Activities” … lol. 😉

  7. One day in Victorian England? I would seek out the oldest matron of the ton and spend the entire day listening to her stories of elegant balls, ton scandals, and her personal story. If her oldest friends joined us that would be perfect.

  8. Amanda – I love this cover so much more! If I lived in Victoian England and could spend one day…
    It would of course depend on the time of year, but I would want to shop for a beautiful ball gown, and have the fastest seamstress imaginable. So the dress would have to be almost made. But I would want to go to a ball. And I plan to dance- so for the balance of the day- please find me the best of dance instructors! How fun!!

  9. One day in Victorian England? I would first head to the best seamstress in town. I have always wanted a beautiful ball gown. So I would be outfitted with everything – and quickly. I realize that I would have to pretty much remodel one that she already had designed – hopefully it would be spectacular. And if there’s time- I’d like to shock the starch out of the ton and ride astride through Hyde Park. What fun. Of course- I don’t want to be shunned at the ball, so a mask would have to be there. 😉. And dance lessons the remainder of the day because I want to dance the night away at the ball and I just need a slight ‘brush up.’ I catch on fast and live to dance.

    • Then you could snicker quietly as you eavesdropped on all the dowagers going on about the strange lady who rode most inappropriately through Hyde park. What fun!

  10. One day in Victorian England? Visit a seamstress and have a ball gown fashioned quickly. Ride through Hyde park astride (in a mask so as not to mess up my chances at the ball), take dancing lessons all afternoon, and dance all night at the ball!

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