De Wolfe Pack-Multi Author Hop



You can also enter here on my blog for a chance to win a signed print copy of Scandalous Intentions (EBook if international).

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To enter sign up for my newsletter: then post the answer to the following question as a comment here on the blog: In the excerpt for Love’s Legacy what did Rebecca accuse Camden of? You can find the answer here:!excepts/cpq0

Be sure to visit all of the stops on the hop for more chances to win! Here is a complete list:

1) Elizabeth Rose                  9) Eliza Knight

2) Kathryn Le Veque        10) Lana Williams

3) Victoria Vane               11) Barbara Devlin

4) Christina McKnight       12) Amanda Mariel

5) Anna Markland               13) Violetta Rand

6) Christy English             14) Scarlett Cole

7) Victoria Zak                   15) Meara Platt

8) Catherine Kean             16) Hildie McQueen



The winner of the signed print copy of Scandalous Intentions is: Peggy Lawrence!!! Email Amanda Mariel at to claim your prize 🙂


21 thoughts on “De Wolfe Pack-Multi Author Hop

  1. Well, she accused him of being an intruder.
    And, as I’m International and already have Scandalous Intentions in eBook format, don’t count me in. Just playing.

  2. Rebecca accused Camden of being an intruder on private property. This sounds like a great book, I loved the excerpt. Thank you for this opportunity.

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