Musings Of A Mom

My kids have been giving all sorts of material lately with the funny things they say and do. My 8 year old daughter has been on quite the kick out doing her 11 year old brother at every turn. She literally had me and several others laughing out loud in recent days. I decided this is all to good to keep to myself, so I am going to start sharing every so often. It is my hope that you too will have a laugh out loud moment as you read these stories.

10614297_10154825741030523_4728301559509097910_nThis image was taken in Disney at Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween bash.

Disclaimer: Princess Merida is not one of my children 🙂

And now for the funnies! I have two stories for you today.

Story One

Yesterday I paid for a custom dress I commissioned several months ago for my daughter. When Brooklyn got home from school I told her, “Leona is starting your dress.”

Brooklyn looked at me with a skeptical expression on her face, and said, “Just now? I thought she was almost done.”

I grinned, and said, “She could not start on it until I paid for it.”

Brooklyn sighed and shook her head. Then she said, “Bout time mom. Geez, how long does it take to pay for a dress.”

I could not help but crack up laughing at the little stinkers observation 🙂

Story Two

Last Saturday I baby sat my 2 year old niece so my sister could go on a date. The guy was new so my kids had never met him. Flash forward to the end of the night:

Brooklyn is sleeping on the couch and my sister comes in with her date. I pick up Brooklyn’s shoes and coat then move to put them on her as I tell Ricky to get ready to go home. I gently wiggle Brooklyn and tell her it is time to wake up to go home. She remains asleep. I turn to my sister and say, “It is so hard to wake her up.” Lifting one of her feet I slip her boot on.

My sister’s date says, “I can carry her out for you.”

Brooklyn snaps her head up and her eyes fly open. She says, “I can walk.”

Flash forward: We are in my car now pulling out of my parking space.

Ricky says, “He seemed nice mom.”

I shoot a sideways glance at him. “Ya, he does.”

Ricky smiles then says, “I mean he even offered to carry munch (AKA: Brooklyn)  out for you.”

I chuckle. “Ya, that was nice of him.”

Brooklyn’s voice comes up from the back seat. “But it was never going to happen!”

LOL, that’s it for today. I hope you had a laugh as you read 🙂 I would love to hear your own funny stories! Feel encouraged to leave them in the comments!


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