*Published or Bust*

Today I have the great pleasure of welcoming Rhiannon Wellman to my blog!

Thank you for having me Amanda.

Sep 2

So today is day two of my world wind tour. As you can see from my sexy little table at the top I’ve managed to do some work on one of the stories. Most of today has been setting things in order so I know where I’m going with each of the stories.

As you can see I’ve started with ‘A Dirty Weekend’. There’s no real reason for that I did ep dip sky blue to decide which to start with. Do you know that one? It goes ‘ep dip sky blue the one I pick is you.’ It’s a little memory from my childhood, it was how we decided who got picked for teams or who went first. Did you ever do something like that?

Leona called this tour Published or Bust, now I really liked that idea. So my goal has now got the added scope to be ready to send something off to be considered for publication by the end of September. I won’t count editing because sometimes the editing takes almost as long as the writing.

I love to write. Seeing a story take shape and see the images in my head making their way onto paper. I seriously hate editing, it’s the worst part of being an author for me. Sometimes I just can’t see the mistakes. One of the reasons I have to have more than one story on the go at a time is because I can’t concentrate on just one thing, my brain just gets over loaded with one thing and stops working altogether. But, if I can switch between a few different things it allows me to keep focused and writing. Even if it’s a little spread out.

Do you all have a coping mechanism like that? I’d love to hear about them, perhaps it would give me a new way to try.

It’s been a slow start, but I hope those numbers are going to jump very quickly. I have noticed that I work better with targets. So feel free to set me some, realistic ones, if you’d like to.

Don’t forget the comment or question that makes me smile the most over the month will win a free e-book and I will respond to every comment or question.

That’s it for today. I’m setting myself a target for tomorrow to have 1500 more words across my table. Come and find me tomorrow to see if I managed it.

The list of all my stops is being updated daily on this page.




2 thoughts on “*Published or Bust*

  1. I’m the opposite. I find writing a first draft difficult. Probably because I’m a pantser and don’t know where the story is headed most of the time. I LOVE the editing process. Getting the story in order makes me happy.

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