Lyrical Press Call


After RWA, there was much talk about historical romance being dead or dying. I disagree! Historical romance will always be alive and well in my opinion.
I am looking for some new twists on historical romance for Lyrical Press. Think different countries and time periods. I would love to read some historicals set in countries other than England and Scotland and set in time periods other than the Edwardian and Regency periods. Think about the French Riviera, Troy, Venice, Spain, or South America. Think as far back in time as you would like and as current as the 1930’s. Think Mid-evil Knights, Myans, Bootleggers, WWI or WWII soldiers, Ceasars, and Vikings. Show me French Lords and Ladies or Spanish conquistadors.
If your manuscript fits these boundaries, I would like to invite you to submit it directly to me at for consideration at Lyrical Press.

What to send:
Legal Name Pen Name Address Phone Genre Word Count 1/2 to 1 page query 2 to 3 page synopsis First 3 chapters or full.

I am also interested in seeing your mysteries, young adult, new adult, all genres of romance, paranormal, psychological suspense, and women’s fiction manuscripts. Go ahead and show me what you’ve got!


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